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I wanted to write this help people move with their family. I have a family and it’s actually a very busy median family, so things can get very hectic fast. You share some tips that will help the kids in line, and help you keep some of your sanity even as you move.

Some of these tips might seem very easy while others not very intuitive, and that’s okay. The whole point is that you get something out of this post to help you as you move.

Who are you going to move with?

This is a very important point that’s often overlooked when we moved Lynnwood movers We Like To Move It, Move It!!. Having the right moving company is very, very important. It may seem like something simple, but it is very important to know that you are hiring a great moving company, this by itself, will help take a lot of stress out of your move.

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Pack and unpack the bathroom first

this is another thing that’s often overlooked. But while you’re moving into your new home you will probably have to you the rest. It’s important to know, that the restroom items have been put into the bathroom first thing. This way you know that there is toilet paper if needed. I mean really, who wants to use the restroom without toilet paper.

Pack an overnight bag

most people don’t think about this one either. If you’re too tired to pack all of your things. Chances are, you’ll wish you had some of the most important things that you need in your daily life. Things to pack an overnight bag include: the change of clothes, maybe your laptop, any valuables, and of course the keys to your new home.


Pack breakables in clean clothing

moving tipYou can pack most dishes, like stemware wine glasses, in clean socks to save on the price of tons of bubble wrap. Also, things like your 9×16 glass cake pans can be wrapped up in clean T-shirts and sweatshirts. You can pack small picture frames (the kind with the glass frames), in sweat shirts to help the glass not break! This makes it so you do double duty when you pack, by packing your clothes and your kitchenware at the same time!!






I hope you enjoyed the moving tips I had to share with you today.

Just to recap, we went over why picking a great moving company is very important to your sanity and your moving stress. Then we went over the reasons you should pack an over night bag, and what you should be packing in that over night bag. Then I shared one of my favorite moving tips about using some clean clothing to help you save some time and money during your move, by packing your valuables and breakables in your clean socks, t-shirts, and sweat shirts!! I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time, move yourself safely!!


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The benefits of using a moving company

Moving from one location to another can be quite dreadful. All of us will eventually experience the difficulties that moving will bring us. It’s not a job you can do by yourself. Many of us will seek our closest friends and family to help but what happens when no one is available? Or worse, what if they don’t show up? Which is exactly why you should consider hiring a moving company. Let’s explore more of the benefits you will reap by hiring a moving company.

Saving yourself time and a headache

If you were to move on your own, you’d have to first see who is available for help. Which is by far one of the hardest things to do since everyone nowadays is always busy. Once you established your helping crew, you have to purchase or rent some moving tools. Some example of moving tools is a moving truck, dolly, moving straps, bubble wrap etc. After all that is done then you can finally start moving. It’s also important to note that you are liable for any damages to your property unless you’re insured. But let’s just assume the move went smooth, you’d still then have to return all the equipment that you rented and reimburse your help.

Moving companies are basically moving experts. This is what they do for income and more likely than not, they will do it far better and more efficiently than you. All it really takes is a phone call and some paperwork and you’re all set. It’s that simple.

Protecting your values

While you may be liable for your own property if you were to move, licensed moving companies offer insurance protection for all of your valuables. So if you’re moving a lot of your valuable property, then you may just save a lot more by hiring a moving company then if you were to do this yourself.

By hiring a moving company you are saving yourself time and money that you could be spending on the more important things in your life. Don’t let the dreadful thought of moving stress you out any further!

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